Saturday, August 14, 2010

A lifetime of ungrieved and unforgiven hurts and wait, you're hot Angie Joe

Salam everyone, I actually hate the fact that I'm writing practically about my mental breakdown. Bizzare humiliation is technically the cause. I don't mind being backstabbed or cheated or played or MENTALLY FUCKED by friends. But then my own relatives ? so-called family ? Darn it, it hurts a lot actually. I've no right to say any of the stories but few of my close friends would know about this. Yes, starting from today and extending forever, I'll never ever put my sole trust to everyone on this earth. It's okay in depending and loving, but never in trusting. Enough about it, blood-related ? How how sweet. Fuck you..No, I mean , fuck you guys !

The fact that I get really depressed today, normally I would do things out of the box, but then , this is the holy month of Ramadhan and I had actually prohibite my self from doing anything stupid, I went for a movie just now, ALONE. Had my Caffe Latte just now, ALONE. Enjoying every second of the bizzarness in Salt, ALONE. It's all in me now. The anti-social thing. Haha, I think this is the moment, Putra Haziq the socialite had a social break-down. I would rather say NAYY, never actually. It's just that my friends are all busy and now it's ramadhan. Most people would want to spend their times with beloved family.
Who is Salt ?

Okay now, SALT. I would rather say , it's the best Angie-Joe movie I have ever seen since the Mr and Mrs Smith. I'd say that, Jolie in Salt was not trying so hard to look sexy-decieving spy rather than the one she had in Mr and Mrs Smith.As for me, Jolie is one fine-looking woman. You don't need me to tell you that. It's why she gets the big bucks. The movies have celebrated her eyes, lips, profile, biceps, boobs, waist, butt, thighs. 'Salt' pays tribute to her ankles. Anyone who can jump from the heights she does here, in the way she does it, may die from a lot of causes, but a sprained ankle won't be one of them. She gets high paid in Salt for making the almost mystical in her ability to draw your attention and say " hey , there're actually actions lah".

Well done Angelina Jolie , its worth spending 3 years after WANTED and performed your bestest in Salt. I would love watching your upcoming THE TOURIST and CLEOPATRA.

p/s- I still wish that I could be like Evelyn Salt, where she could give her full commitment towards everyone while at the same time betray them with very solid reasons.

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A. said...

watching movie alone cool hape weh..